Switzerland,PhD Position Optimization of Networks Against Malicious Attacks

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Job Description:Our association more depends on circuitous systems, such as the Internet, traffic, electrical ability grids, amusing networks, ecological networks, etc. Circuitous networks are acclimated to archetypal these systems. Robustness of networks adjoin targeted attacks is of appropriate absorption for archetype to epidemiologists who demand to breach up ache manual by targeted vaccinations, or to badge armament back abolition agitator and added bent networks.

The aboriginal aim of the activity is to advance about applicative methods for arrangement access based on the affiliation amid the network’s cartography and its robustness to awful attacks. Novel bioinspired access techniques will be acclimated to achieve this task. Able means to immunize and assure amiable networks should be found. Another ambition of the activity is development of able advance strategies with the focus on evolving schemes for bent arrangement disruption.

The activity is adjourned by Swiss National Science Foundation and will be done in abutting accord with Prof. Marco Tomassini from the University of Lausanne.


Applicants should accept a Diploma or Master amount in physics or accompanying area, able programming abilities and absorption in after simulations and interdisciplinary topics.

We offer:

Our accumulation is developing and applying after methods and simulations to abounding altered areas alignment from accepted statistical physics, sociophysics and circuitous fluids to actual science and geomorphology. The accumulation is bunch and through abundant assortment of capacity offers artistic ambiance and abounding possibilities for interdisciplinary collaborations.
Application Deadline 30June2010

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