Sweden,PhD position in Interaction Design

Firstly I hope good for all of you

This Ph.D. position is financed by Activity EFESOS (Environmental Affable Efficient Enjoyable and Safety Optimized Systems). EFESOS is a accumbent activity that involves altered analysis domains, altered organizations and departments at Volvo Car Corporation, cardinal partners, universities and institutes.

When designing car HMIs, one of the challenges is how to acquaint the disciplinarian about the cartage bearings and abeyant danger, so to advice the disciplinarian to drive in an ecology affable way and to abstain accidents. Added and added claimed cartage are able with avant-garde disciplinarian abetment systems (ADAS) and this will access in the future.

Job description :

The cartage bearings and advice acquired from ADAS systems can be presented to the disciplinarian through beheld affectation and audition display. This allotment of the assignment aims at investigating how which modality or which aggregate of modalities could be acclimated to architecture optimal car HMIs.

In this project, we are not designing for admonishing systems, rather presenting the advice during the accustomed active bearings so to abstain accidents from happening. Therefore, for both beheld and audition displays, the advice shall be presented in a accustomed and automatic way to abstain added workload and causing distraction.

As a Ph.D. apprentice you are active by Chalmers and will accept a bacon according to accepted bacon agreements. A best of 20% of your time will be adherent to added duties at the department, mainly teaching. The actual time will be adherent to your own courses and analysis aural the activity and you are accepted to access a Ph.D. aural a best of 5 years.

Application borderline : 31 August 2010

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