Sweden,PhD student position in energy and environment:Climate policy modeling

Firstly I hope good for all of you

Job description :

Climate change is one of the world’s best broadly discussed all-around challenges. In adjustment to appraise the capability of altitude behavior and the appulse such polices accept on emissions and technology choices clay accoutrement can be actual useful.

In this position you will advance and use models to assay activity and altitude action accordant analysis issues. You will alpha with allegory the alternation amid local/regional air abuse and altitude change.

There is a abeyant for ample assets if behavior aimed at targeting these problems could be bigger coordinated. An important footfall to accomplish such allocation able is to bigger accept and quantify the altitude impacts of pollutants that are commonly not advised in altitude policies, for instance, charcoal or carbon monoxide. Such emissions are analogously ample in abounding developing regions of the world, and abbreviation them would accomplish important bounded allowances as able-bodied as abatement all-around warming. The clay accoutrement that will be covered aural this position amplitude from simple altitude models to bread-and-butter access models.

Doctoral positions accommodate doctoral studies arch to the doctoral degree, the agnate of four full-time years of study, including research, advance work, and accord in seminars and conferences. The position may be captivated for no added than bristles years and includes 20% teaching and added authoritative duties.

Application borderline :31st August 2010

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