Sweden,PhD Student Position in Nanotoxicology for Studies of Skin Exposure of Nanoparticles

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The bark is our better organ. It is a actual important defence adjoin aridity and alien threats such as radiation, chemicals and microorganisms. Many factors actuate the amount of assimilation of actinic substances and particles through the skin, such as size, acuteness and apparent properties. The catechism apropos nanoparticles adeptness to admission into or through the bark has been debated. This agitation is apprenticed by the actuality that several accustomed products, such as sunscreens and cosmetics, accommodate ample quantities of nanoparticles. Many of these particles, e.g., TiO2are non-bioresorbable and ability account causeless toxicological furnishings if biting into the skin. A few studies abide area nanoparticle bark assimilation has been observed. Thus, there is a charge for added investigations in adjustment to articulation specific atom properties, such as admeasurement and hydrophobicity, with bark assimilation abilities.

The cold of the PhD-project is to articulation the backdrop of nanoparticles to their bark assimilation abilities. This will accommodate synthetisation and characterisation of nanoparticles with altered backdrop in a controlled manner. Bark assimilation will be adjourned by assuming bark alteration abstracts appliance excised donated animal bark and accumulation with assorted imaging techniques, e.g. electron microscopy and multiphoton laser scanning microscopy. The activity will be accomplished aural the NanoSphere centre, which is adherent for nanotoxociology accident studies and is adjourned by FORMAS, and the Centre for Bark Research at University of Gothenburg. These two centres provides admission to all-important adequacy and chart for the project.

Required qualifications

The position apparel a awful motivated alone with a well-documented solid accomplishments in Chemistry, Materials Science, or accompanying fields. Previous acquaintance with amalgam of nanoparticles appliance surfactant self-assembly and acquaintance from alive with TEM and X-ray diffraction is required.

The applicant is accepted to accept acceptable presentation abilities and allege English fluently. Masters Amount (or equivalent) in Actinic engineering, Chemistry or added accompanying disciplines is required.

Application procedure

The appliance shall be accounting in English and accommodate the afterward items:

1. An appliance of a best of one A4 folio absolute your specific abilities for the position
2. Attested copies of apprenticeship certificates, including brand letters and added documents
3. Curriculum Vitae
4. Letters of advocacy and name of advertence bodies (optional)
Application Deadline 26-July2010

For added information

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