Sweden,PhD student position in energy & environment: System analytical modelling and assessment of design, viability and potential of plug-in hybrids

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The Administration of Activity and Environment conducts above assay and apprenticeship in activity and acceptable development, at the all-around calibration bottomward to the industrial, building, and artefact level. Our focus is on beginning and abstract activity technology research, as able-bodied as development, use, and appraisal of methods and accoutrement for assay of technology systems. In total, 150 individuals assignment in the department’s six divisions.

The doctoral position is in the Concrete Resource Theory division. Concrete Resource Theory encompasses theories, models, and methods to call the metabolism of activity and abstracts in amusing and accustomed systems, in concrete and economics terms. For instance, we advance models to characterize how accepted and approaching use of activity and abstracts can advance against a bargain ecology impact.

Job description

The assignment aims to accord to the development of models and methods for chip analyses of dimensioning and profitability/competitiveness of constituent hybrids and their abeyant to accord to a alteration of the agent agile to electric drive. It is again all-important to accede capricious altitude in agreement of movement patterns and recharging options for alone cars in agent fleet. Added factors to booty into annual are powertrain architecture options while accomplishing achievement requirements and basic characteristics as able-bodied as antagonism with another agent technologies. The accomplishments is the all-important transformation of the activity use in carriage to abate the greenhouse gas emissions and the assurance on deposit fuels. An added electrification of the agent agile is again a achievability to accomplish a added adapted activity accumulation and a abolitionist abridgement of activity use and carbon emissions in the vehicles.

The assignment will be allotment of a accord amid three capacity in the breadth of amalgam drives aural Chalmers Activity Initiative: Concrete Resource Theory, Electric Power Engineering, and Automatic control, Automation and Mechatronics. In this cooperation can abstruse as able-bodied as systems analytic abilities and abstracts be used. Among added things, a database is now congenital up with abundant abstracts on movement patterns of alone cars. Chalmers Activity Initiative is based on the added allocation of funds for assay in cardinal areas acicular out by the government.

Doctoral positions accommodate doctoral studies arch to the doctoral degree, the agnate of four full-time years of study, including research, advance work, and accord in seminars and conferences. The position may be captivated for no added than bristles years and includes 20% teaching and added authoritative duties.

Required qualifications

Applicants charge authority a post-secondary amount agnate to at atomic 240 credits in the Swedish college apprenticeship arrangement (preferably acquired aural the accomplished bristles years) with a technical/ accustomed science focus, including a apriorism activity agnate to at atomic 30 such credits. Post-secondary absorption should be in a acreage accordant to the applicative assay area. Applicants should accept the accepted bent bent all-important to complete the doctoral education.

Doctoral and masters akin courses are about accomplished in English, lower akin courses are accomplished in Swedish. Solid accent abilities are essential.

Application procedure:

The appliance shall be accounting in English and accommodate the afterward items:
An appliance of a best of one A4 folio absolute your specific abilities for the position
Attested copies of apprenticeship certificates, including brand letters and added documents
Curriculum Vitae
Letters of advocacy and name of advertence bodies (optional)

The appliance shall be beatific electronically as pdf or ambiguous documents. Please use the button at the bottom of the folio to ability the appliance form.

If any actual is not accessible electronically or cannot be transferred to pdf format, the actual can be beatific as a adamantine archetype to Registrar. The applicants name and the advertence cardinal (2010/150) charge be accounting on the aboriginal folio of the application.

Chalmers University of Technology
SE-412 96 Göteborg

Further information:

University academician Sten Karlsson, phone: +46 31-772 3139, e-mail:
Head of analysis Ulrika Lundqvist, phone: +46 31-772 3281, e mail:
Head of administration Lennart Vamling, phone: + 46 31-772 3021, e mail:

Application borderline : 2010-08-31

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