Holland,PhD Scholarships in Minimally Invasive Robotics in An MRI Environment

Firstly I hope good for all of you

We angle for activity sciences and technology. High tech and animal touch. Education and analysis that matter. New technology which drives change, addition and advance in society. The University of Twente is the alone campus university in the Netherlands; disconnected over six commonsense we accommodate added than fifty educational programmes. The University of Twente has a able focus on claimed development and accomplished advisers are accustomed ambit for accustomed out beat research.

MIRA: Top Technology for Patients. MIRA is a arch and fast growing Convention for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine at the University of Twente.Within MIRA, analysis is aggregate into four analysis tracks: Tissue Regeneration, Targeted Therapeutics, Neural & Motor Systems and Imaging & Diagnostics. The convention combines axiological and activated analysis with analytic practice. It has abounding advisers in all these 3 realms. MIRA works carefully with hospitals, the business association and authoritative organizations, aiming to defended its awful admired position in Europe. Moreover, MIRA actively encourages its scientists to accompany proprietary technologies to the market. It has accustomed bearing to dozens of companies and authorization deals in adjustment to accomplish its top technology broadly attainable to patients.

The challenge

Needle admittance is one of the best accepted minimally invasive analytic procedures. It is acclimated for diagnosis, localized biologic delivery, and tissue sample abatement from tumours abysmal aural the body. These procedures are generally performed beneath the advice of alluring resonance (MR) images. For able medical diagnoses and treatments, the aggravate charge ability its advised target. However, tissue inhomogeneity, agency deformation, and physiological processes account the aggravate to aberrate from its advised path.

Application Deadline 1August 2010

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