Researcher - High-k Materials (Ref. No. AQ - 08) (Tyndall National Institute)

Developments in the field of information and communication technologies are driven to a large extent by continuing innovations and scaling of complementary metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (CMOS) technologies. As the minimum dimensions of devices are reducing to 50 nm and below, the scaling of microelectronic devices is entering a new era, where the basic properties of the materials are themselves the limit to further reductions in the dimensions of the basic building blocks of integrated circuits. One of the main research areas for the development of CMOS beyond the 22 nm node is to explore new gate oxide materials beyond HfO2 and to fabricate MOSFETS on high mobility substrates, such as Ge and InGaAs.

The aim of this post doctoral position is two-fold:
1) to investigate defects in alternative high-k materials using inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy (IETS).

2) The formation and characterisation of high-k gate MOS and MOSFET structures on germanium.

This is an exciting and developing research area, with a high importance to industry. The position is funded by Science Foundation Ireland, through the Strategic Research Cluster FORME (www.tyndall. ie/forme), in collaboration with INTEL, Dublin City University and Queens University Belfast.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1. Fabrication of high-k materials) on Si and Ge and substrates by e-beam and atomic layer deposition.
2. To study a range of surface passivation approaches for the deposition of high-k materials on Ge.
3. Electrical and physical characterization of the metal/high-k/ semiconductor structures fabricated in (1) and (2), with particular emphasis on the use of IETS.
4. To contribute to conference and journal publications as co-author and first author.
5. Presentation of results at project meetings, and preparation of project reports.
6. To help with the supervise research students and undergraduate project students.

Qualifications/ Start Date
• First degree in Physics, Electrical Engineering or a related discipline
• PhD in Physics or Materials Science
• Available from September 2009

Knowledge and Experience
Direct research experience in physical and electrical characterization of semiconductor materials and devices. Experience with IETS is a considerable benefit.

Skills and Abilities
• Experimental planning
• Analysis of physical and electrical data for semiconductor materials and devices
• Ability to disseminate research material effectively
• Good organizational, report writing and interpersonal skills
• Supervisory skills (for supervision of undergraduate and research students)

For further details on this position please contact Dr. Aidan Quinn (aidan.quinn@ or Dr. Paul Hurley (paul.hurley@

To apply, please submit a CV to
careers@tyndall. ie
quoting the reference number: AQ - 08.

Tyndall National Institute is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

Elaine Rainsford
careers@tyndall. ie
Tyndall National Institute
Tyndall National Institute

Contact: Aidan Quinn, aidan.quinn@

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