Development of Electronic Instrumentation (Ref. No. VO - 04) (Cork, Ireland)

Within the EU FP7 projects SHOAL and BOND, an capital allotment of assignment is accompanying to the development of cyberbanking instrumentation. This includes the architecture of micro-size, low-power, low-noise and high-sensitivity accouterments able to ascertain an electrochemical arresting in the picoampere range. These cyberbanking accessories are circuitous microcontroller- based systems which accommodate ascendancy of the activated electrochemical potential, altitude of the electrode current, basic processing of the signals and transmittance of these abstracts to a ascendancy PC with committed software.

Within this development, the tasks associated with this position are as follows:

• Cyberbanking characterisation of altered electrodes and electrode arrays;

• Developing and prototyping

abstracted analog and agenda cyberbanking circuits including their abounding PCB SMD design;

• Assembling, affability and testing analog and agenda chart blocks;

• Development of chip interface circuits;

• Writing and debugging chip software;

• Writing and debugging LabView and cipher based software.

• Preparation of action letters and accord in activity meetings.

According to the ambit of authentic tasks, a applicant for this abstraction charge accept applied acquaintance in alive with altered cyberbanking circuits including acquaintance in alive with specialised electronics architecturecomputer application (Altium Designer, ORCAD) and microcontrollers (ADUC, PIC). Candidates charge accept an adapted engineering amount with absolute acquaintance in electrical engineering, microelectronics, arresting processing and LabView programming.

For breezy enquiries: acquaintance Dr Vladimir Ogurstov at vladimir.ogourtsov@

To apply, amuse abide a CV to

careers@tyndall. ie

quoting the advertence number: VO - 04.

At this time, Tyndall National Institute does not crave the abetment of application agencies.

Tyndall National Institute is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

Elaine Rainsford

careers@tyndall. ie

Tyndall National Institute

Cork, Ireland

Contact: Vladimir Ogourtsov,

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