Nanocrystal- molecule Assemblies for Sensing - Formation, Electrical Interfacing and Charge Transport Mechanisms (Ref. No. AQ - 09) (Cork, Ireland)

Molecular electronics offers the potential for formation of radically new nanoscale electronic devices, with novel properties. A key challenge in the field lies in forming reliable electrical contacts to functional molecules (1-5 nanometre length scale) using techniques that could ultimately be compatible with manufacturing. We propose a hybrid approach for controlled assembly of molecular structures and networks between lateral contact electrodes (from nanometre to micron length scales) using metal nanocrystals as terminals or nodes connected by single functional molecules or biomolecules. The electrical characteristics of these structures and networks will be probed to demonstrate the potential for sensing and integration into a simple flow-cell format, ultimately targetting point-of-care applications in diagnostics.

Applications are invited

for a funded postgraduate studentship in this field. The successful candidate will have a good undergraduate degree in engineering, physics, chemistry, materials or life sciences. Candidates will enrol in an academic department (e.g., electronic engineering, physics, chemistry) at University College Cork and will be part of Tyndall’s structured PhD programme. A key aspect of the PhD programme is training, which will entail attendance at postgraduate courses run under INSPIRE PRTLI programme. In addition, the candidate will attend courses on transferable research skills (presentation, report writing etc) as necessary.

Further details can be obtained from Dr. Aidan Quinn (aidan.quinn@, http://www.tyndall. ie/nanotech), including a copy of CV and transcript of results.

To apply for this position, please submit a Tyndall National Institute application form and an up-to-date CV (including full details of academic results) to Tyndall HR at
careers@tyndall. ie
quoting reference number: AQ-09.

Tyndall National Institute is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

Elaine Rainsford
careers@tyndall. ie
Tyndall National Institute
Cork, Ireland

Contact: Aidan Quinn, aidan.quinn@

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