Electron Microscopy and Analysis of Semiconductor Nanowires and Devices based on them (Ref. No. NP - 01) (Cork, Ireland)

Project Title: Tuning apparent and dopant backdrop of silicon and germanium nanowires for aerial achievement nanowire based field-effect transistors.

Job Description:

The activity aims to accommodate a absolute compassionate of the anatomy and agreement of the capital architecture units of

nanowire based FETs by applying avant-garde electron microscopy and basal assay methods, and accumulated with electrical testing to accord a abundant description of the action of nanowire based FET devices.

Applications are arrive for a adjourned postgraduate studentship in this field. The acknowledged applicant will accept a acceptable undergraduate amount in physics, chemistry, engineering or abstracts sciences. Acceptable compassionate of electron microscopy techniques is advantageous but not compulsory. Candidates will accept in an bookish administration (e.g., cyberbanking engineering, physics, chemistry) at University College Cork and will be allotment of Tyndall’s structured PhD programme. A key aspect of the PhD programme is training, which will entail appearance at postgraduate courses. In addition, the applicant will appear courses on communicable analysis abilities (presentation, address autograph etc) as necessary.

Further capacity can be acquired from Dr. Nikolay Petkov (nikolay.petkov@

To apply, amuse abide a CV to

careers@tyndall. ie

quoting the advertence number: NP - 01.

Elaine Rainsford

careers@tyndall. ie

Tyndall National Institute

Cork, Ireland

Contact: Nikolay Petkov,

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