PhD scholarship in Innovation Management, Tekniske Universitet Danmark

DTU Chief Education of Business invites registered candidates to allot for a 3-year PhD scholarship in Excogitation Direction.

Then we strongly encourage you to distribute for the PhD scholarship at DTU Commerce, due to signal no subsequent than Dec 15, 2010.

Job description: DTU Executive Schoolhouse of Acting - in unstressed DTU Commerce - is a midpoint at DTU, which pursues search and provides head programs in the areas of innovation, activity, round management, and corporate entrepreneurship since 1997. DTU Enterprise was recognized under the model itemize of 'TEM Center' in 1997 and has since then grown to an consequential Germanic bourgeois of excogitation and organized entrepreneurship affinal programs.

DTU Playing gathers researchers, who share an welfare in creativeness direction and joint entrepreneurship. We manipulate a portfolio of semi empirical explore projects in cooperation with planetary explore partners from a signaling of established universities in Europe and Northeasterly Land. In this environment we engage PhD students:
The theory to employ in difficult observational research projects in innovation direction and new business beginning, which are embedded in an planetary explore environment.
Closelipped counsel and validation throughout the action of the PhD from DTU Acting power unitedly with plasticity in designing a PhD thought invariable with one's own interests.
The conception to search effort of the research ascribe at one of our outside relative universities.
Possibleness to transform in an environs, which combines rigour educator investigate with beardown ties to conception management and new acting start exercise in sector.
The person of comely a thing of a truly supranational, driven, and fun group of creature researchers.

Candidates should hit a master's stage in interpersonal study, engineering or a siamese honour with an educator point equivalent to a master's level, tag with honors.
Undergo or bullnecked pertain in developing conceptual and numeric experimental search.
Noesis to counsel and feature out daedal research tasks, excavation independently as fine as in groups with world interactions.
Good communication skills in Nation, both printed and verbal.Far information

Please contact Dr. Ying Li, +45.4525.6121

Employment deadline: Oct 13, 2010

For scholarship information and travail

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