Canada|Postdoctoral Positions in Bioinformatics

Speculate Person: Bioinformatics

Employer: Point for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics, The Lincoln of Land University

Layer: Postdoctoral

Association Statement: Dr. Wasserman is search applicants for a Postdoctoral Fellow item to direct Genome Analysis/Gene Regularization. The role is at Halfway for Molecular Medicament and Therapeutics for one year with option of lengthiness.

Depending on aspect and wonder

the post-doctoral person may play on the analysis of longanimous genome sequences to identify sequence activity within regulatory sequences, arrangement new algorithms for the forecasting of transcription constant costive sites, finish innovative databases for restrictive order annotation, or run tight with laboratory partners to program regulatory sequences for potency use in sequence therapy procedures. As a forgather, we are particularly sniffy of the success of the bygone post-doctoral trainees who know obtained intriguing jobs in world and business.

Two positions are purchasable directly. Apiece grant-funded stance is for an initial one- assemblage designation (by UBC guidelines), with funding free for at least a advance one-year teaching based on performance. Salary is equal with get, and is based on backing guidelines from the Canadian Institutes for Wellbeing Explore. Author accumulation nearly UBC policies is easy here.

Fellowship Programme Deadline: 2010-12-31, 4:30 p.m.

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