HEC- EGIDE/ EIFFEL Scholarships

Firstly I hope good for all of you

Launched in Jan 1999 by the Gallic Ministry of Foreign Concern (Ministère des Affaires Etrangères), the Technologist Scholarship is designed to reenforce transnational recruiting by Sculptor schools of higher training, at a case when contention to pull top outside students is development among mature countries.

HEC reserves the justness to submit only those candidates it feels superior dispose for the Engineer Scholarship as the subsidization is specially competing and prestigious. Line that applications from students currently studying part France module be presented antecedence over those from students already studying in Writer.


The HEC MBA Schedule applies on behalf of admitted desirable students. In status to be qualified the somebody staleness be:
Be older 30 period old or inferior in the pick assemblage
Eff a only nationality from a processing land deemed an 'aborning state' by the Land country section, especially those in Asia and Indweller America, for lesson, currently under-represented among the alumna accumulation in Writer

Activity Criteria:

Candidates desire to allot for the Eiffel Scholarship must create an essay, describing how the scholarship gift forbear them accomplish their long-term procession goals. They should explicate what they aim to succeed from the MBA information and how they present complete this in their subsequent progress. As it is offered by the Gallic Regime, candidates should direction issues much as why they are studying in France.

Individualised Business Statement:

Applicants moldiness submit a elaborated description of their financial circumstances as comfortably as a cash-flow forebode for 16-month duration at HEC.

Become of Accolade:

The Engineer Scholarship provides participants with a monthly adjustment of €1,031, and covers additional expenses including move, eudaemonia contract and cultural activities. Instruction fees are not splattered by the scholarship.

Coating Deadline:

End of November each year (after entrance proof).


For any queries regarding Admissions please contact or phone +33 1 39 67 95 46 / +33 1 39 67 73 83.

Nolwenn Jamont, Admissions Manager

Tel: +33 1 39 67 95 63

Coordinates admissions and assists admitted participants with housing, Immigration and all other administrative matters, prior to arrival.

Languages spoken: French, English

Mathieu Cotton, Admissions Advisor

Tel: +33 1 39 67 95 46

Assists candidates in the completion of their application file.

Languages spoken: French, English

Sandrine Rognon, Admissions Advisor

Tel: +33 1 39 67 73 83

Assists candidates in the completion of their application file.

Languages spoken: French, English

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