korean Foundation Fellowship for Field Research 2011, Korea

Firstly I hope good for all of you

Job Description: The Acquaintance for Acreage Analysis diplomacy supports arresting adopted advisers and professionals to undertake acreage analysis in Korea.
Eligibility: Doctoral candidates who accept completed all bookish requirements, except their dissertations;
Professors, lecturers, or able advisers currently active at universities or analysis organizations, and/or affianced in Korea-related course-lecturing or research. (Preference will be accustomed to those who accept specific analysis plans, such as publishing a book or

a analysis paper.)
Professionals in adeptness and arts accompanying to Korea (e.g., building curators, librarians, government admiral in allegation of Korean affairs, etc.)
- Candidates charge acquire able accomplishment in Korean or English to conduct analysis in Korea.
- For Korean nationals, alone those accepted with abiding abode away or confined in a approved adroitness position at a adopted university may apply.
Field of Project/Study/Research
Those administering analysis or confined in the fields of humanities, amusing sciences, adeptness and arts accompanying to Korean studies or Korea-related research.
Those specializing (majoring) in the fields of accustomed sciences, anesthetic or engineering;
Those anon belief or administering analysis in Korea;
Those ambitious to advance their Korean accent adeptness or appear approved courses at a university in Korea;
Those awarded the Korea Foundation Acquaintance for Acreage Analysis aural the accomplished three years. Grant/Fellowship Agreement and Amount Analysis allowance (monthly-based)
- Doctoral appellant level: 1,700,000 Korean won
- Assistant professor/lecturer level: 2,200,000 Korean won
- Full/associate assistant level: 2,700,000 Korean won
Settling-in Allowance: 300,000 Korean won (one-time benefit)
Economy-class round-trip all-embracing airfare
Travelers’ allowance (reimbursement for medical costs incurred due to affliction or accidents during the acquaintance period)
Grant/Fellowship Period: 1 ~ 12 months
Application Procedure
Application Materials
Application anatomy (supplied by the Foundation)
Curriculum vitae : Personal and bookish abstracts which includes: advice of bookish degrees acquired (with disciplines, titles of theses or dissertations, and dates the amount were received); almanac or contempo and present appliance status; ahead accustomed grants and fellowships; and, the account of publications and analysis presentations performed.
Research angle Summary of proposed analysis (at atomic bristles pages), which includes the afterward information:
- Description and cold of proposed research;
- Significance of proposed analysis in agreement of antidotal apropos as able-bodied as its appliance to Korean studies;
- Description of analysis methods and materials;
- Progress address on proposed analysis up to accepted date;
- Specific agenda to assassinate proposed research;
- Necessity of acreage analysis in Korea.
Three belletrist of reference
- One letter from the arch of the applicant’s academy (e.g., university president, dean, administration administrator or convention director);
- One letter from an alone able of evaluating the applicant’s analysis angle (e.g., advice assistant or addition with agnate qualification; for doctoral students, this letter should be from the argument advisor);
- One letter from a Korean bookish or specialist in the accompanying acreage who will serve as the analysis adviser in Korea.
Copy of best afresh acquired bookish degree
Evidence of accepted appliance or enrollment
Graduate academy transcripts (doctoral candidates only)
Certificate of coursework achievement (doctoral candidates only)
Application Preparation Instructions
All appropriate abstracts for appliance charge be submitted in Korean or English, otherwise, a Korean or English adaptation is bare to be submitted.
The appliance anatomy charge be typed or printed acutely by the applicant, while added hand-in abstracts charge be typed.

Deadline Date: July 31 of the year above-mentioned the adapted acquaintance year.

Screening: September of the year above-mentioned the adapted acquaintance year.

Notification of the Admission October of the year above-mentioned the adapted acquaintance year (individually notified via postal mail).
Submission of Report
Final Address Requirements
Fellowship recipients are appropriate to abide analysis letters (supplied by the Foundation) or added analysis abstracts consistent from the fellowship.
Those actuality awarded the acquaintance are appropriate to abide in Korea and undertake proposed analysis projects on a full-time base afterwards agreeable in any abnormal activities, including advantageous employment.
Those actuality awarded the acquaintance cannot accept any added acquaintance or admission simultaneously.
Please note: Applications that do not amuse the listed diplomacy accommodation requirements may be afar from the screening process.
Failure to abide complete appliance forms or appropriate abstracts may disqualify an appliance afterwards any above-mentioned notice.
Applications that access afterwards the borderline (July 31) will not be candy for screening.
Submitted applications and absorbed abstracts will not be alternate afterwards the submission.
The Foundation cannot accommodate housing, analysis accessories or appointment space. Thus, if needed, the awardees should accomplish all-important arrange afore advancing to Korea.

fr_application_2011.doc (172.0kb)

fr_application_2011.pdf (257.6kb)
Fellowship Diplomacy Department
Tel: +82-2)2046-8537 / Fax: +82-2)3463-6076
Address: The Korea Foundation 10F Diplomatic Center Building, 2558 Nambusunhwanno, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 137-863, KOREA

Further Scholarship Information

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