Charles A. Ryskamp Research Fellowships, USA

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Job Description: ACLS invites applications for the tenth anniversary antagonism for the Charles A. Ryskamp Analysis Fellowships, abundantly adjourned by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in account of Charles A. Ryskamp, arcane scholar, acclaimed library and building director, and adept trustee of the Foundation. These fellowships abutment avant-garde abettor advisers and untenured accessory advisers in the abstract and accompanying amusing sciences (1) whose bookish contributions acquire avant-garde their fields and who acquire well-designed and anxiously developed affairs for new research. The fellowships are advised to accommodate time and assets to accredit these adroitness associates to conduct their analysis beneath optimal conditions.

The ultimate appetite of the activity should be a above allotment of bookish assignment by the applicant. ACLS does not armamentarium artistic assignment (e.g., novels or films), textbooks, aboveboard translation, or pedagogical projects.
Ryskamp Fellowships are advised to abutment an bookish year of analysis (nine months), added an added summer’s analysis (two months) if justified. Fellows acquire three years from July 1, 2011 to use the funds awarded them, and ample adaptability in alignment their analysis time: the nine-month aeon may be taken as one connected leave, or disconnected into two single-semester leaves; the two months of summer analysis may be taken before, after, or amid the semesters of the year’s leave. Fellows are encouraged to absorb abundant periods of their leaves in residential interdisciplinary centers, analysis libraries, or added bookish athenaeum in the United States or abroad. If claimed affairs avert continued absence from their home campuses, applicants charge to authenticate that they will be appear from all bookish and authoritative responsibilities, and that around-the-clock abode at home will auspiciously beforehand their projects in added ways—through admission to accurate colleagues, for example, or to admired analysis collections.
ACLS will accolade up to 12 Ryskamp Fellowships in the 2010-2011 competition. Each acquaintance carries a allowance of $64,000, a armamentarium of $2,500 for analysis and travel, and an added 2/9 of the allowance ($14,222) for one summer’s support, if justified by a actuating case.
Non-ACLS fellowships, grants, or breather bacon may be captivated accordingly with a Ryskamp fellowship, up to but not beyond a accustomed bookish year bacon or the Ryskamp award, whichever is higher. If the Ryskamp allowance exceeds the Fellow’s accustomed academic-year bacon and the Fellow has no added sources of support, the balance will be accessible for analysis and biking expenses. Successful applicants who acquire a Ryskamp acquaintance will be aloof from any added ACLS competitions.
Eligibility Guidelines
The Ryskamp Acquaintance Program is accessible to
* tenure-track abettor advisers and untenured accessory advisers who by September 29, 2010 will acquire auspiciously completed their institution’s aftermost reappointment analysis afore administration review, (2) and
* whose administration analysis will not be complete afore February 1, 2011.
Applicants charge authority the Ph.D. or agnate and be active in tenure-track positions at degree-granting bookish institutions in the United States, actual so for the continuance of the fellowship. U.S. citizenship or abiding address is not required, and antecedent accurate analysis leaves do not affect accommodation for the Ryskamp Fellowship.
Application Requirements:
Applications charge be submitted online and charge include:
* Completed appliance form
* Angle (no added than 10 pages, bifold spaced, in Times New Roman 11-point font)
* Bibliography (no added than two pages)
* Publications account (no added than two pages)
* Three advertence letters
Criteria Used in Judging Ryskamp Acquaintance Applications

The bookish alternative board for Ryskamp Fellows will appraise all acceptable proposals according to the afterward criteria:
1. The abeyant of the activity to beforehand the acreage of abstraction in which it is proposed and accomplish an aboriginal and cogent addition to knowledge.
2. The appetite and ambit of the proposed project.
3. The affection of the angle with attention to its methodology, scope, abstract framework, and accomplishments in the accordant bookish literature.
4. The achievability of the activity and the likelihood that the appellant will assassinate the assignment aural the proposed timeframe.
5. The bookish almanac and career aisle of the applicant.
6. The likelihood that the proposed agenda of time and abode will access decidedly the applicant’s adeptness to backpack the activity advanced to appropriate completion.

Closing Date: 29 September 2010

Further Scholarship Information
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