Fully Funded PhD Studentship: Computation Architectures for Virtual-Acoustic Instruments, UK

Job Description: Considerable interest exists in generating new types of musical instruments, those that can exactly model existing instruments; in principle, it is feasible to model a mechanical method such as drum skin or a string using “physical modelling”.
This physical model

can then be used as the basis to generate a brand spanking new, acoustic-sounding musical device for highly nuanced performance that, through the physicality of the control parameters, affords a learnability & virtuosity that is similar to that of traditional acoustic instruments.
The principal aspect is the extended range of design & control options, such as the modification of material & geometrical properties that are now obtainable to the player to exploit. To fully exploit the musical potential, crude simplifications ought to be avoided but simultaneously the device must run in real-time.
Whilst processor architectures, e.g. microprocessor DSP processors, give high performance, it is only by deriving application-specific processor solutions using, for example, field programmable gate array (FPGA) expertise that these performance requirements can start to be met.
However it is not a case of implementing these models but also about ensuring an effective design method, which involves close interaction & requires programming flexibilities that can be effectuated by designing tools for mapping algorithms to hardware architectures.
To inquire in to the development of programmable architectures for physical models.
To research architectures & tools that will enable speedy realisation of a range of physical modelling algorithms.
To undertake the design & implementation of such models in close collaboration with performers & other researchers in order to adjust the control specificities of the instruments.
To deliver & explore novel, working instruments.
Academic Requirements:
A maximum of a 2.1 honours degree or equivalent in Electrical & Electronic Engineering or relevant degree is necessary.
Candidates ought to apply electronically through the Queen’s online application portal at
The deadline for submission of applications is Monday 14th June 2010

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